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It was absolutely glorious.  I got things.

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So I drew some Supernatural art.

For spn_shebang of course, who are awesome btw and got me to draw something i'd been wanting to draw for a while.

Enjoy some awesome vamp!Cas drinking Dean's blood.

I guess the only warnings would be the blood?  Ooooh first time I've ever had to use warnings how ~special~

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Title: There Were Two Houses.
Part: Oneshot
Paring:  Dean Winchester/Castiel (Novak?)
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary:  Dean and Castiel in a summer.
Word Count: 1897
Authors Notes:  For a contest on tumblr by the wonderful -wondersmith.  Here's the main post.  I think I honestly JUST MADE IT and I hope she doesn't read this until it's formatted.  Also I would have written more but honestly I put this off for so long oh my god.  Thanks to Eden for putting up with my ranting even though she hates DeanCas.

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I'm obsessed with Noah Puckerman.

So I've discovered that Eden is my muse when it comes to PuckSam, so I illustrated her Gay Waffles 'Verse twice, and did her an illustration of Sam and Puck spooning (which is the first time I actually colored something well on my tablet!).  Because I love her.  I'm super proud of these pieces because they pushed my boundaries when it came to composition and poses and such and the only reason I stuck with them and made them not boring was because I love her reactions when I show her my art, so.  Here you go!

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So, it's been a while!

I just thought I might as well say a little bit about my life, what's going on right now, etc.

1 - I've just recently finished my first year at college at the University at Buffalo in NY and I'm currently back home in NYC for a three and a half month summer (which is almost down to two months, at this point!  No!).  I go there for Fine Arts and I'm really actually enjoying it.  I'm jobless and all I do is go on tumblr, read fanficiton, listen to music, draw, and watch tv shows/movies in my living room.  In a chair I've commandeered from my parents.

2- I am currently really, really into fandoms surrounding movies and televisions shows.  These are Supernatural, Merlin, Glee, Doctor Who, X-Men First Class, Thor, and others.  I'm still into bandom, but not as actively as before (meaning I usually just reread stories I've read before or I check up on my favorite writers).

3- I've reached a point where my art really pleases me and I'm happy with a lot of the work I produce.  I've started posting it regularly to my tumblr, both of which are linked over on the side bar.

4-  I revamped my LJ and, as I have in the past, am really only using it for fandom purposes.  I have a personal blog that is private for personal matters, which is why this blog is not friends only.

5-  Hello!  I'm back!


Some spontaneous MikeKevin

So I posted on the MikeKevin community sodamnskippy  that I wanted requests for art, and I got some lovely ones!  This is the first wave of art.  Two pieces for the lovely story Drink The Wild Air by chalcopyrite  (I hope you like!) and one for akire_yta  's prompt of "Rainy Sunday Afternoons".  Woo!

I just want to say one quick thing.  Thank you for these prompts, akire_yta  !  Without you, I would have never found this wonderful fic that inspired me so much!  And thank you to chalcopyrite  for writing such a wonderful story!

I drew all of these directly in blue ballpoint, so please ignore any glaring anatomy errors.  Also, for the pieces for Drink The Wild Air, there weren't many descriptions of Carden or Kevin, so I kind of just took the liberty of drawing what I felt was best.  There is tasteful, non-erotic nudity in two of the drawings.  

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I hope you like!
And I kind of want to get back in to posting on Livejournal, even if it is only to post my artwork.  I've been slacking, and I've been finding a lot of great artists and stories on lj lately.  It's kind of weird that I wouldn't post my own work.Under the cut, there be arts!Collapse )

May. 31st, 2011

Title: Just A Moment
Part: Oneshot
Paring: Mark Salling/Chord Overstreet (RPS)
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Basically just PWP
Word Count: 879
Authors Notes:  eloquents  rocks my socks.

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More art!

 I am here bringing more art to the minimal amount of people who actually care!

It's based off the story "The Disgraced Governess" by wildestranger .  Who is wonderful, by the way.  And the story is amazing.  Yes.

It's kind of big. Sorry. (thats what she said)Collapse )

By the way, have a better scan of that Frank/Gerard drawing I posted up here a while ago.

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Also, what is up with the games on LJ.  loln.

Oh hey look what I drew

 Frank and Gerard being cute and in love!

Sorry for the bad photobooth picture, I'm in my dorm and there is not a scanner in sight, haha.

wow does that look super shitty, haha.  I'll scan it and upload it in march and post it to ferard communities and shit.